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In the year 20XX... well, something to do with a giant Atlantean warship powered by evil magic returning to destroy Earth, it's hard to make it out from the old badly-translated cutscenes. Nans Quest was your favorite totally real arcade game in 1984, and now it's been painstakingly ported to your personal computer down to the pixel. 

In this frantic shooting game with state of the art 8 way movement, control super soldier robot N.A.N.S. as you plow through 30 floors of the Atlantean mothership, destroying every last Robodaemon Core powering its evil robots with black magic. Defeat three frightening Atlantean bosses, and then survive the horrific Ashkanarx Golem to destroy the engine room. If you manage to make it that far, you'll then be given an even greater challenge.

It's the frantic robot shootin' gameplay you love from games like Berzerk and Frenzy with the tear-out-your-hair-stupid difficulty and questionable design choices of Tower of Druaga. You beat it on the converted Gal's Panic machine in the back corner of that one run-down beach arcade in 1984 to try and impress that cute punk chick who used the control panel as an ashtray, do you still have what it takes to beat it today?

Install instructions

Clicking the "NansQuest.exe" file opens the game itself. There is an in-game options menu accessible by hitting ESC, but you can also directly edit the "cabinet.ini" file in your text editor to fine tune settings. No installation is required. Readme.txt gives details.


NansQuest1.0.zip 85 MB

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